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4 Tips to Help Prevent Pickleball Injuries



If pickleball is quickly becoming one of your new favorite pastimes, there’s no better time to learn a few new tricks to treat yourself to hours of safe and rewarding play. Check out these four tips to help prevent pickleball injuries.

Warm up.

Common injuries in pickleball include both upper and lower body extremities. For example, tennis elbow and rotator cuff strains could result from all the movement involving elbows and shoulders. Wrist and ankle sprains are also examples of common pickleball injuries.

In addition to sprains and strains, your knees and lower back could experience more wear and tear during lively pickleball games.

A good way to lower the risk of injury is to warm up before you play. Stretch and do a little cardio, including jumping jacks, lunges and arm circles, for instance.

Add strength training to your workouts.

Next up on the list of tips to help prevent pickleball injuries is adding strength training to your regular exercise routine. Strength training will help prepare your body for the increased amount of physical activity and demands.

Let your body rest. 

Remember to give your body a day of rest between exciting matches on the court. If you play pickleball one day, take the next day off. Gradually build up your stamina rather than overdoing it right away.

Visit a chiropractor.

Finally, if the increase in physical activity has you feeling a little sore and out of sorts, contact us. An adjustment and routine chiropractic care would help improve joint function, mobility and your range of motion.

What’s more, chiropractic can help you recover from sports injuries faster.


Put these tips to help prevent pickleball injuries into practice before you find yourself in a pickle! Discover more ways chiropractic care and functional medicine can benefit you and improve your overall health and well-being by reading our blogs.

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