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Health and Wellness Professionals in Auburn

At ACC, we see patients in ALL age groups for a myriad of reasons. But our consistent goal is to help every patient be as healthy as they want to be. For some that means getting out of pain, for others it means running a marathon at 80. Your goal is our goal!


A Pathway to Health

Most of our patients do present to our office with a symptom of some sort, which must be addressed (quickly) so we can move towards correcting the ultimate, underlying issue.

Using a thorough history, physical exam, and comprehensive diagnostic procedures we will work with you to develop a plan aimed at reaching and keeping you at a level of good heath for a pain-free, medication free and active life style.

Healthy Heart

Digging Deeper

For those patients who want to focus on the deeper aspects of a healthy body we can move into detailed testing such as a 50+ point blood chemistry panel, hormone testing, hair analysis and other sophisticated lab tests to find out more. We look to work with our patients in correcting imbalances and underlying deficiencies, toxicities, and sub clinical chronic infections. Dietary concerns, supplements for best nutrition and goals of optimal sleep patterns can be explored and accomplished. We see amazing results every day!

In tandem with continually improving the patient’s biomechanics and musculoskeletal condition, this is how we help our patients achieve optimal health. Contact us today to get started!

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