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5 Benefits of Reducing Screen Time


benefits of reducing screen time

benefits of reducing screen time

Have you noticed an above-average weekly screen time percentage during the slow summer months? Or are you anticipating heightened classroom screen time as the kids go back to school? Don’t sweat it. Most of us spend too much time with screens these days, but these five benefits of reducing screen time may have you ready to make changes where you can.

Improved posture.

One of the top benefits of reducing screen time is better posture. Sitting for long stretches of time in front of a computer, for instance, puts added pressure on your spine. This can lead to chronic back and neck pain.

Reducing screen time can help reduce the burden on your back, which also improves over spinal health.

Reduces eye strain.

Another side effect of too much screen time is eye strain. Symptoms of eye strain include dry eyes, headaches and blurred vision. But taking frequent breaks, having proper lighting and placing your computer monitor at a comfortable angle can all help.

Sleep better.

One of the best benefits of reducing screen time is better sleep. Screens release blue light. Blue light suppresses our melatonin levels, which in turn affects our sleepiness.

Avoiding screens for about an hour before bed may make it easier to fall asleep.

Better concentration.

Allow your brain to slow down and focus on tasks without distraction by reducing screen time. Less screen time can lead to improved focus, along with improved organization and productivity.

Weight control.

If you are just sitting around looking at a screen, whether it’s for work, school, or fun, chances are, you are burning very few calories. Watching TV and spending time online can also lead to more snacking.

So, walk away from the computer, laptop, tablet or smart device and get moving. Regular exercise improves your mood and overall health.


If you’ve noticed the symptoms of too much screen time, such as chronic neck and back pain, it may be a good time for an adjustment. Give us a call at 334-821-8225 to schedule an appointment. For more health tips, keep reading our blogs.

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