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6 Pool Exercises to Help With Back Pain

pool exercises to help with back pain

Did you know being in a body of water is one of the best places to exercise to help with relief from back pain, for example? It’s true! Let’s dive into these six pool exercises to help with back pain as we gear up for warmer weather and more pool days.

Of course, if you have access to a heated pool, even better! If so, you can add these pool exercises to help with back pain to your fitness routine year-round. Now, who’s ready to take the plunge toward fitness and relief?

Leg raises

Simple leg raises are a good way to strengthen your leg muscles, as well as your lower back and hip muscles. To do leg raises in the pool, stand on one leg and keep it slightly bent. Straighten the other leg outward and hold onto the side of the pool.

Lift your leg up and down while supporting yourself. You can mix things up and add in a sideways leg kick for a more complete water workout. For a side kick, face the wall of the pool and lift your leg out to the side.


Similar to the leg-raising stance, start by standing on one slightly bent leg while holding on to the side of the pool for support. Holding your other leg straight, bend your knee and bring it up towards your chest. Lower your leg, repeat several reps and switch legs.

Flutter kicks

In other words, hold on to the side of the pool and extend your body until it’s parallel with the pool floor. Next, use your legs to do gentle scissor kicks.

Swimming laps

Another easy way to get good exercise in a pool and build strength and endurance is by swimming laps. Choose from freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke or a mix of all three.

Kickboard balance

Kickboard exercises will help you build a strong core, which is essential to reducing back pain. For this exercise, sit on a kickboard and keep your spine straight by contracting your abdominal muscles for 60 seconds. Rest and repeat.

Superman stretches

Superman stretches can help lower existing back pain and more. To get started, keep your arms straight as you hold onto the side of the pool with both hands. Then extend your legs out behind you, giving you a full stretch without unnecessary strain. Lower your legs, rest and repeat about 10 to 15 times.


From pool exercises to help with back pain to regular visits to Advantage Chiropractic Clinic, get empowered this spring when you make your health a top priority. Find out more about us, our services and more when you continue to read our blogs.

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