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6 Reasons Older Adults Should Consider Chiropractic Care

reasons older adults should consider chiropractic careWe may feel young at heart, but sometimes our bones have a quibble with that philosophy! Still, there’s a way to find relief: a trip to the chiropractor. In fact, there are many situations that can benefit from the introduction of a chiropractic approach. Read on to learn about the many reasons older adults should consider chiropractic care.

Lowering Blood Pressure

How many of us worry about our blood pressure? This concern tends to grow as we age too. Well, you can potentially help lower your blood pressure when you visit the chiropractor. Ask for a simple adjustment for your upper neck to see this effect in action!

Maintaining Your Height

Our spines tend to become less mobile as we get older. They can also curve, which means we often get shorter as we pile on the years. You may not be able to fully prevent this shrinkage, but you can try to minimize it with spinal adjustments and decompression therapy.

Decreasing the Need for Medication

Some older adults are already on medications that don’t play too well with other pills. Others may have a personal or family history with addiction. And others still simply don’t wish to take medication. Well, going to the chiropractor can decrease your need for pain management medicine.

Alleviating Pain

Pain is always an unwelcome companion. Though it may try to settle in, you can alleviate it with regularly scheduled treatment with your chiropractor. That way, you can spend your golden years concentrating on what you love.

Enabling a Healthier Lifestyle

One of the ways to slow down the side effects of aging is regular exercise. Visiting the chiropractor means your body can better handle an active-and therefore healthier-lifestyle. Plus, it lets you show off a bit on the tennis court!

Dealing with Dizziness

This is one of the more surprising reasons older adults should consider chiropractic care! Yes-it really can reduce the effects of vertigo, which affects roughly 70 percent of persons aged 65 and older.


There are quite a few reasons older adults should consider chiropractic care. Whether you need a gentle push to explore this option or you’re trying to help someone you care about find relief, it’s time to start considering our helpful approach. Visit us at Advantage Chiropractic Clinic to add some ease to the everyday. You can also learn more about chiropractic care-and its many benefits-by reading our blog here.


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