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7 Exercises That Can Alleviate Back Pain




Dealing with back pain can make everyday life seem unbearable. As it turns out, there are certain exercises that can alleviate back pain. We know-it might sound counterintuitive! However, remaining active can keep your body limber and decrease your daily discomfort. If you feel capable, consider trying these moves.


You can do this move from anywhere! First, get out your yoga mat. Then, lay down on your back and bend your knees, so that only your heels rest against the ground. Press them against the floor. You should then use the pressure to lift your hips and press down your glute muscles. Once you’re in this configuration, stay in place for six seconds. You can then carefully reset for at least 10 seconds, before trying bridging up to 12 additional times.

Adjusted Pilates

You too can join the Pilates trend-with some modifications! Your first option? Going to a Pilates class and finding an instructor that knows about your back pain. That way, he or she will tell you how to adjust your performance. Or, you can go online and find free Pilates workouts designed for those with back pain!

Doing Water Aerobics

Doing water aerobics helps you work out without all that pressure-literally. If you have trouble exercising without pain, trying water aerobics can help you stay fit. Not to mention, it will minimize the strain on your body.


In the same vein as water aerobics, swimming is also one of the exercises that can alleviate back pain. If you can, find a local pool and get into the water. You can always start small. And if you’ve never learned to swim before, no one is too old to take lessons!

Stretching Those Hamstrings

Since your legs and your spine are connected, their wellbeing can impact one another. See if properly stretching your hamstrings with a fitness band or towel reduces your pain.


A simple walk offers a low-impact way to work out. Not to mention, it can help your circulation and overall health. Whether you want to stroll around your neighborhood, take the dog out, or go to the park, you’ll feel much better.

Relaxing when Necessary

Sometimes, we have to know when to stop! If you feel like you’re on the cusp of overdoing it, take a break and relax. Straining yourself further can cause even more pain or even injuries. Besides, everyone needs some rest every once and awhile!


Many of us deal with back and neck pain. Thankfully, by adding small changes to our lives, we can improve how we feel. From optimizing your work-from-home set up to trying these exercises that can alleviate back pain, you can get results.

Another way to decrease your backaches? Visiting Advantage Chiropractic Clinic for an adjustment! Contact us here to book an appointment. You can also find out more about healthy living and chiropractic care on our blog.


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