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7 Ways to De-Stress Before Back-to-School Time

ways to de-stress before back-to-school time

From teachers to parents to students, getting ready to go back to school can be a lot. Make mental health a priority for you and your family with these seven ways to de-stress before back-to-school time and beyond.

Get moving.

Stay active and find something you enjoy. Even 10 minutes of exercise a day is good for you. The important thing is to get moving. Whether you take a brisk walk or do yard work, exercise provides a mental health boost for kids and adults.

Treat yourself.

Simply put, making time for the things you enjoy is one of the best ways to de-stress before back-to-school time, or anytime, for that matter! From reading to catching up on your favorite shows, unwind with activities you like.

Try meditating.

This is something parents and children can actually do together after a busy day. Create a peaceful and quiet environment to practice deep breathing and clear your mind.

You can even use deep breathing during a stressful moment to help you relax in the moment.

Be present.

Part of being present means paying attention. As a parent or teacher, if you notice signs of anxiety in students, ask them how they are feeling. Sometimes all they need is someone to listen.

For parents and teachers, being present helps you maintain focus and purpose.

Establish a back-to-school routine.

Help ease stress by establishing a new routine ahead of time. Plan school lunches, pick out school clothes, gather school supplies, create a space for homework and more.

Go over what to expect.

For new students, not knowing what to expect could be a source of anxiety. Talk to your children about what a typical school day might be like, including arrival and dismissal. Review the school rules and any other information that may help them get more comfortable with going to school.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle.

More specifically, eat a well-balanced diet, get plenty of sleep and exercise. And don’t forget to make time for fun too!


Finally, adding chiropractic care to your regular routine is another way to de-stress and improve your overall health. Contact us to start your journey to healthy living through functional medicine. Learn more about it and the ways chiropractic can benefit you and your family by reading our blogs.

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