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7 Ways to Prevent Back Pain When Boating

ways to prevent back pain when boating



Boating and summer fun go hand-in-hand, but sometimes it can leave us feeling achy and sore in all the wrong places! That’s why we’re sharing seven ways to prevent back pain when boating now so you can be comfortable later.

Take time to stretch.

Honestly, this is a good rule of thumb before any physical activity. But taking the time to stretch before you get on a boat will loosen your joints and improve flexibility.

Stretching during your boat ride will keep you limber and relieve stiffness. And, finally, stretching after your ride will help you get re-acclimated to dry land.

Think about your footwear.

This may be one of the ways to prevent back pain when boating that you wouldn’t normally think about. However, consider wearing non-skid boat shoes or even tennis shoes for more support and all-day comfort instead of flimsy flip flops.

Get comfortable.

Sit or stand as close to the stern (back) of the boat as possible to help lessen the bounce you feel while riding in the boat.

Move with the water.

See a big wake ahead? Prepare yourself by bending your knees and engaging your abdominal muscles to help your body absorb some of the shock, for example.

Change positions often.

Sometimes a boat ride can last for hours. Be sure to switch things up and avoid stiff muscles by changing your position frequently.

Limit your alcohol intake.

A refreshing cocktail or cold beer can be just what you want on a hot day in the boat. However, too much alcohol could cause a lack of coordination which could lead to a slip and fall.

Bring a stadium seat.

Some boats—like canoes and smaller fishing boats—come with bench seats only. In that case, you may want bring along a stadium seat for much-needed back support.


Now that we’ve shared some ways to prevent back pain when boating, if you find yourself feeling sore and out of whack after a boating adventure, we can help. Contact us to schedule your gentle adjustment and get back to doing what you love pain-free! For more health tips, keep reading our blogs.

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