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8 Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Infants

benefits of chiropractic care for infants

It may be easy to forget, but babies are simply small humans. Hence, like adults, chiropractic care can help with a range of common newborn ailments. In fact, these benefits of chiropractic care for infants might surprise you!

Better sleep for babies

Clearly, this is one of the benefits of chiropractic care for infants that is good for both parents and baby! A misaligned spine could be the culprit for restless nights.

Preventing colic

Colic can develop for many reasons. However, the most common is an underdeveloped gastro-intestinal system. We all know that feeling of bottled-up gas, and it is not pleasant.

A gentle manipulation of the muscles can stimulate the small intestines to help move fluids and gas.

Help with gastroesophageal reflux, or acid reflux

Does your baby spit up a lot or show signs of tummy aches? Typically, pediatricians treat this with things that relieve symptoms, but not the underlying cause. Chiropractic care goes a step further to treat the problem.

It is usually a vertebra putting pressure on the stomach. After a slight adjustment, all will be well.

Assistance with breastfeeding and latching

Did you know it takes multiple joints, muscles and nerves all working together for babies to learn the technique for breathing, sucking and swallowing? It’s not always easy.

Once again, it goes back to the spine. If it is misaligned, it will affect proper body function. A slight adjustment can help both the baby and mother experience more comfort with breastfeeding.

Helps treat and prevent ear infections.

Ear infections are another common infant ailment. To clarify, ear infections happen when fluid and pressure build up in the eustachian tube. Gentle manipulation of the muscles around the tube can open it and allow it to drain.

Boosts the overall immune system.

Parents have one goal—keeping their children as healthy as possible. One of the main benefits of chiropractic care for infants is proper nervous system functioning. When the spine is aligned, everything else—like immune function—works better too.

Aids in proper growth and development

When your spine is aligned, you have better posture, which promotes proper growth rate.

Adjusting a misaligned spine

We realize this has been repeated more than once. But childbirth is stressful! Being born—whether naturally or through a C-section—puts a tremendous amount of pressure on the baby’s neck and spine.

Sometimes a quick adjustment, a gentle touch, at birth or shortly after, is needed.

Fewer injuries as toddlers

Just like adults benefit from regular chiropractic care, so do infants who grow into toddlers! A good way to promote proper growth as your baby learns to crawl, pull up, walk with support and walk on their own is regular chiropractic visits.

It’s easy to see outward bumps, bruises and scrapes. A strain on the spine or nervous system is less visible. Chiropractors will catch the smallest change and adjust as needed.


Naturally, infant chiropractic care is much gentler than it is for adults. Often, it just takes a gentle touch of the finger or a gentle massage. The key is knowing where, what and how to do it properly, which is where we come in!

Are you still wondering if the benefits of chiropractic care for infants are right for you and your baby? We would love to meet you both, and together see what care would benefit your individual situation. Contact us to schedule an appointment or call us at 334-821-2552. Keep reading our blogs for more chiropractic care information!


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