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Unfortunately, the weekday routine for many involves sitting in front of a computer clutching a mouse for eight or more hours, rarely changing positions. For those with jobs where this is the case, ergonomic issues come into play, as these people are more prone to injury.

If you change your routine just slightly in regard to your physical movements, however, you can help prevent yourself from injury.

Follow these steps to avoid computer-related discomfort:

Use the mouse safely: Reaching and holding a mouse from longer distances places strain on your neck. Change your position to keep your elbows relaxed and at your sides with the mouse in front of you—not to the side. Try to navigate the mouse using your entire arm or wrist and not your fingers. Also, make sure the mouse fits your hand well. If a mouse is too small, try not to squeeze it, as this can cause hand cramping. In addition, remove any watches or bracelets that could interfere with your mouse movement.

Sit properly: Adjust your chair so that it fits you and so that your forearm is properly supported but relaxed by the chair’s armrests. Chairs should force you to sit upright and encourage full-arm movement. The seat height should be adjusted so that your feet are flat on the floor and your knees are equal to or slightly lower than your hips.

Adjust your monitor: Make sure your screen is centered in front of you, and if you use two monitors, position yourself directly in the middle of them. The screen or screens should always be about an arm’s length away, and you should not be looking up at the monitor. Place the top line of the glass of the monitor at your eye level. In addition, avoid eye strain by adjusting the brightness of your monitor and making it match ambient light as closely as possible.

Take breaks: Each hour, take 15-second breaks during which you shake your arms and stretch your wrists. Also, frequently look away from your screen and focus on something about 20 feet away to give your eye muscles a break. Spread out your tasks that involve walking around the office so that you are still being productive while allowing your body a break from your normal position seated in front of a computer.

If you do experience pain of discomfort that you think is associated with computer-related ergonomics, our doctors at #AdvantageChiropracticClinic can help you. Call us today at 334-821-2552! #ACC #ComputerErgonomics



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