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While chiropractic care is not necessarily a cure for bedwetting among children, it can help assuage the problem.

Two key muscles—the detrusor and trigone muscles—are what control the bladder’s emptying. They are controlled by nerves in the lower back and sacrum.

When children are young, their sacrum is comprised of five separate segments. As children grow, these segments fuse together, and if they do not do so properly this can disrupt proper bladder functioning.

If a misalignment is present, natural chiropractic adjustments can help the nervous system to reestablish bladder regulation.

A study published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics found that one-fourth of the 171 children treated with chiropractic care for bedwetting saw a 50 percent reduction in their problem.

If you are wondering whether chiropractic can help your child, give us a call at Advantage Chiropractic Clinic in Auburn today. Call 334-821-2552, and know that we will treat your child with sensitivity and compassion in addressing the issue. #Bedwetting #Chiropractic #ACC

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