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Because chiropractic care is in a league of its own, a handful of misconceptions surround the practice that have led to inaccuracies regarding its efficacy and safety.

We want to debunk a few of those myths so that fallacies don’t get in your way of receiving care that could ultimately help you in the long run.

Myths of chiropractic include:

  • Chiropractic care is more expensive. A study published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics showed that for patients experiencing low back pain, care initiated by a doctor of chiropractic was 20 percent less expensive than when it was initiated by a medical doctor.
  • Chiropractic isn’t scientific. Chiropractic care is based on the science of the nervous system, which controls and regulates every system in the body.
  • Chiropractors are not as well educated as medical doctors. Educational requirements today for doctors of chiropractic are among the most rigorous of any health care profession.
  • Chiropractors are not “real” doctors. In general, chiropractors have to complete four years of pre-medical undergraduate education followed by four to five years of study at an accredited chiropractic college.
  • Chiropractic care isn’t safe. Chiropractic adjustments are actually less invasive than some other types of medical treatments.
  • Cracking your back does the same thing. Doing this yourself at home does not achieve the same results as a precisely-pinpointed spinal adjustment at a chiropractor’s office.
  • Once you start, you have to keep going. You can do whatever you are comfortable doing. While some people choose to continue care for life, others come back from time to time for periodic adjustments.
  • Adjustments are painful. If a chiropractor is performing an adjustment properly, it should not be painful. Generally, patients feel relieved and comfortable after an adjustment.
  • You need a referral to see a chiropractor. This simply isn’t true! You do not need permission from anyone to see a chiropractor.
  • There is no proof that chiropractic care works. Multiple studies exist detailing the effectiveness of chiropractic care.

If you have more questions about chiropractic care, how it works and how it could help you, feel free to schedule a consultation with one of our expert doctors of chiropractic today! Call us at 334-821-2552 to make an appointment. #Myths #Chiropractic #ACC #AdvantageChiropracticClinic


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