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Get Ready for Class With These Back-to-School Chiropractic Tips

back-to-school chiropractic tips

As local schools gear up for another year of learning, we’re here to help you and your students get ready for class with these back-to-school chiropractic tips.

Get plenty of sleep.

Develop and stick to a nightly bedtime routine—including getting at least eight hours of sleep! A consistent sleep schedule will help your child’s body and brain function better.

Eat more fruits and veggies.

Give your students’ immune systems a boost by adding more fresh fruits and vegetables to their diets. Try making smoothies that you can sneak leafy greens and healthy fats from avocados into, for example. Adding supplements aimed at children and teens can assist in boosting their immune system also. Check out our high quality options.

Sit up straight.

Proper posture matters! Remind your kids to sit with their feet flat on the floor. They should keep their backs against the backs of their chairs and their heads in line with their spines.

In fact, this chiropractic tip carries into activities at home as well. Whether they are staring at a computer screen or sitting at their desk at home, proper posture can lessen neck, shoulder and back pain.

Adjust those backpacks.

Perhaps one of the more important back-to-school chiropractic tips is the ever-present backpack. Make sure you are buying your student the right kind of backpack instead of the trendiest.

Look for backpacks with wide, cushioned, adjustable straps, for starters. Encourage your child to use both straps to help with weight distribution.

Finally, pay attention to how much weight they are carrying around too. Ideally, the backpack contents shouldn’t weigh more than 10 to 15 percent of your child’s body weight.

Schedule an adjustment.

Not only will a gentle adjustment act as another immune booster, it promotes proper communication between the body and the brain. Basically, it helps keep the nervous system operating at 100 percent!


Now that you’ve done your homework by reviewing these helpful back-to-school chiropractic tips, schedule your child’s next appointment with us today! From spinal adjustments to overall health, we’ve got you covered. For more chiropractic tips and health news, keep reading our blogs!

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