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Get Your Calcium Scoring This Heart Health Month

get your calcium scoring this Heart Health Month

February is American Heart Health Month! Are you looking for ways to commensurate this month and stay on top of your heart’s health? Start by going to get your calcium scoring this Heart Health Month.

What is calcium scoring?

First and foremost, what is calcium scoring? Calcium scoring is a noninvasive computerized tomography (CT) scan that measures calcium buildup in your artery walls.

The CT scans your heart and the measurement of calcification produces a score that shows the level of calcium in your heart. Therefore, the score provides insight into your risk of having a sudden cardiac event like a heart attack.

To clarify, a normal calcium score is zero.

Who should get scanned?

If you have any risk factors associated with heart disease, like smoking, being overweight or diabetic, having high blood pressure, or having high cholesterol, a calcium scan is recommended. Not only can it help identify your risk of having a cardiac event, but it can also help prevent a future heart attack.

If you are otherwise healthy, doctors recommend that a calcium scan be performed at the age of 40 for men and 45 for women. If your scan results in a zero, you typically do not need to be tested again for another five years.

The EAMC Heart Month Calcium Scoring Promotion.

In honor of Heart Health Month, East Alabama Medical Center is offering a calcium scoring promotion. During the month of February, all calcium scoring scans are only $50, which is half the normal price of $100.

This scan is not covered by insurance, and although a physician referral is not required for this exam, please provide the name of your primary care provider when scheduling.

To schedule an appointment, call (334) 364-3111 or request an appointment online.


Furthermore, once you receive your calcium score, your doctor will consider your risk factors and scoring and create a plan of action and prevention. Additionally, once you get your calcium scoring this Heart Health Month, you will have peace of mind when it comes to your heart’s health.

In the meantime, continue reading our blogs to learn more about health and chiropractic care.

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