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Helping Patients Connect the Dots for Better Health

Chiropractic consultationIn our practice, we are passionate about helping to inform patients about what’s going on with their health. For example, when a patient comes in complaining of shoulder pain, we review their various symptoms. We will ask them about IBS symptoms, anxiety or heartburn. They often will look at us funny as if to say, “Why do you care?” They’re thinking, “You’re the chiropractor. My shoulder hurts, so please fix it.”

When the Lightbulb Goes Off

At this point, we’ll connect the dots for them. We’ll say, “You’ve seen several doctors and have done therapy. It hasn’t helped.” Or we’ll say, “Look at these numbers. If you’re having digestive issues you may have some malabsorption issues.”

You’re a self-regulating, self-healing machine. You can connect these dots of protein, digestion, metabolism and rebuilding, and why maybe they aren’t recovering as well as we would expect them to.

It’s enjoyable to see patients open their eyes and the light bulb goes off. When that happens, patients are more hopeful now that they’re going to get some help for more than just one thing. They’ve likely seen other doctors who have told them that they only treat this and you need to go somewhere else for that.

You’re Not a Collection of Symptoms

Our patients also appreciate that we take the time to listen to them as a person and not just look at their chart, or consider them a collection of symptoms. Patients find it intriguing and exciting that chiropractic can help them address many issues.

The role we play isn’t just as chiropractors; we are educators and always want to inform patients of their options for care. Then, they can decide what they want to do.

Putting Power in Patients’ Hands

We always want patients to know that the power is in their hands. You never have to do anything you don’t want to. We will provide options and are here to help you decide what course of care is right for you.

You do have control of your health. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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