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How Functional Medicine Can Benefit You This Winter


Winter is on the way, and with it comes an array of possible health concerns, from an increase in viruses to holiday stress. That’s why we’re sharing how functional medicine can benefit you this winter, so you can hunker down and stay healthy!

Improve your skin.

This may come as a surprise to you, but better skin is one example of how functional medicine can benefit you this winter.

A good way to battle winter skin woes such as dry skin, chapped lips and eczema, for instance, is by staying hydrated and adding healthy fats to your diet. Be sure to include foods that are rich in antioxidants too.

Keep your immune system strong.

In case you didn’t know, functional medicine focuses on natural ways to keep your body’s physiological functions operating at an optimal level. Through cutting-edge testing and personalized treatment plans, you can better prepare your body for the challenges of winter, including being exposed to more germs.

With good nutrition and a healthy diet, for example, you can replace dysfunction and illness with normal body function and health.

Recover from a common cold quicker. 

Lower temperatures can increase your chances of catching a cold or other flu-like viruses, which is another good reason to learn more about functional medicine. Because functional medicine naturally supports your immune system, it can also help you slow down or bounce back from things like the common cold a little quicker.

Getting plenty of rest, eating healthy and staying hydrated are key ingredients to a healthy immune system. Be sure to increase your intake of certain vitamins, like vitamin D, vitamin A and zinc, to help keep your body balanced too.


Now that we’ve shared how functional medicine can benefit you this winter, schedule your next visit with us. Together, we can create a functional medicine treatment plan that will benefit you well beyond winter. Keep reading our blogs for more health tips and industry news.


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