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If your ankle has a frequent tendency to “give way” when you’re in motion, or if you’ve suffered multiple ankle sprains you may have chronic ankle instability.

In addition to the above indicators, chronic ankle instability is characterized by chronic pain, discomfort and/or swelling in the ankle area and/or your ankle feeling wobbly or unstable and in some cases can even be the cause of knee or back pain.

Non-surgical, drug-free treatment for chronic ankle instability is successful in more than 90 percent of patients. A chiropractor can provide adjustments, functional orthotics, heat and ice therapy or ultrasound and lasers, among other treatment options, to help with chronic ankle instability.

Functional orthotics will keep the ankle aligned in order to prevent unnecessary “rolling” of the feet. They can also help retrain muscles and ligaments to improve biomechanics.

Rehabilitating your foot following an ankle-related injury may also be necessary. At Advantage Chiropractic Clinic, we can recommend strengthening exercises depending on your condition.

Ask us about functional orthotics and rehab programs designed to help with the ankle concerns during your next visit to Advantage Chiropractic Clinic.


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