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It’s a problem that has only come about since the turn of the millennium as technology has advanced. But as new technology takes over, we have to adapt to the physical consequences.

Go to any public park, waiting room or restaurant and you’ll see it. People hunched over glowing screens with their thumbs moving rapidly over the surface of their smart phones. This stance is the precursor to text neck. Text neck is caused by poor posture when using a mobile device.

Text message users, which comprise 73 percent of people who own cell phones, send and receive an average of 41.5 messages per day. That means people’s bodies are confined to poor posture due to text neck far more than is healthy.

If you want to be able to text without doing harm to your posture, follow these steps.

  • Sit up straight with your chest out and shoulders back
  • Bring your arms in front of your eyes so you can look straight out at the screen rather than down.
  • If you must look down, tuck your chin to your neck rather than tilting your entire head downward.
  • Avoid using your mobile device in bright sunlight, as straining to see the screen is not only bad for your eyes, but also it causes you to project your chin forward, making the muscles that hold up your head do all the work.
  • If possible, rest your forearms on a pillow while typing.
  • Invest in an external keyboard if you use your device to type frequently.

Ultimately, limiting the amount you use your mobile device is the best way to prevent text neck. If you are experiencing pain or would like to learn how to have better posture when using mobile devices, contact us at Advantage Chiropractic Clinic in Auburn today! Call us at 334-821-2552. #AdvantageChiropracticClinic #ACC #TextNeck #Texting

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