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Because pain issues differ from patient to patient, Advantage Chiropractic Clinic offers a variety of methods for those seeking relief to properly address our patients’ problems.

One that we are proud to offer at our practice is infrared laser therapy using a K-Laser treatment. The FDA-approved laser therapy safely and effectively offers temporary relief of pain with a low incidence of negative side effects. It can also reduce symptoms associated with mild arthritis and muscle pain, promote the relaxation of muscle spasms and aid vasodilation.

Cumulatively, K-Laser gives cells energy used to repair and regenerate new tissues. The infrared laser light interacts with tissues on the cellular level to increase a cell’s metabolic activity, stimulating production of cellular function.

The treatment process involves K-Laser being applied directly to the skin, meaning patients should wear clothing like shorts, sweat pants or a sports bra to allow access to the affected area. Safety glasses are required during treatment sessions because laser light can damage the retina in a patient’s eye.

Infrared laser therapy warms the skin, and many patients experience a soothing, warm sensation during a treatment session. While some patients experience pain relief after just one treatment, others may feel more pain directly after a treatment, but then feel relief the next day. A session usually lasts three to nine minutes, depending on the size of the area being treated. The shortness of treatment time is another of K-Laser’s major advantages.

Following a treatment, most patients describe feeling relaxed or tired.  Patients should be careful not to expend an excessive amount of energy in the days after a treatment. K-Laser promotes vasodilation to help with inflammation reduction, but this can sometimes make patients sore after a treatment. If this is the case, use ice on the area or a pain relief gel.

Adverse effects, though rare, are prompted by reasons including hypersensitivity, preexisting health conditions, thermal effects, excessive pressure from the probe and laser over-stimulation. The most common adverse effects include temporary pain increase during laser application, temporary pain increase the day after laser therapy, mild bruising from vasodilation or pressure of the laser tip, temporary dizziness and reactions when photosensitizing drugs are used with laser therapy. However, after 20 years of K-Laser use worldwide, few side effects have ever been reported.

The number of K-Laser sessions needed will depend on a patient’s individual condition, but acute conditions typically respond in six or fewer sessions with chronic conditions requiring 15 or more treatments. Patients may experience relief that lasts for hours, days or even weeks; however, others may realize more minimal results. It is important to continue treatments in a K-Laser session package you have scheduled because results may not necessarily be immediate. Most cumulative results are felt after three or four treatment sessions.

The success of the K-Laser treatment on clinical conditions has been documented in thousands of published reports, hundreds of which denote on the results of controlled studies measuring its efficacy. Call us today to learn more about K-Laser and what it can do for you on your path to pain relief.


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