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Show Yourself Some Love this Valentine's Day

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 9.54.45 AMThis Valentine’s Day, show your body some love! You know that ache in your back that you’ve been blaming on your mattress? Or the pain in your wrist that you’ve come to accept because “carpal tunnel happens to everyone who works on a computer?” It’s time to kiss those pains goodbye.
Persistent pain – the kind that is all-too-often dulled with daily over-the-counter pain medicine – can be an important indicator of a larger problem that may only worsen over time. As Dr. Tom says, “There are two types of pain. The first type of pain is soreness you may feel after a new workout. This pain steadily decreases and then disappears over the course of a couple of days.” The second type of pain is more critical. “The bad pain is sharp and stabbing. You can tell something is not right, and that’s when it’s time to have medical intervention.”
When you repeatedly treat “bad pain” with acetaminophen, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (like ibuprofen) or even prescription painkillers, you’re only dulling and covering up deeper issues. This could lead to problems like decreased mobility and liver or kidney damage. Instead, visit your chiropractor.
The chiropractors at Advantage Chiropractic Clinic will start by identifying the cause of pain. This not only is the first step in getting you feeling better, but it also ensures that the pain doesn’t reoccur. Next, Dr. Tom and Dr. Brad work to eliminate it naturally and without the use of potentially harmful painkillers.
Save the aspirin for the day after a big run, and treat yourself to wellness this Valentine’s Day. Make yourself an appointment at Advantage Chiropractic Clinic. It’s about time you gave yourself a gift.

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