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Swimming is regarded as a low-impact sport—one that’s benefits especially extend to elderly persons or people with mobility issues.

Despite its low-impact reputation, like any sport or physical activity, swimming does not come without the risk of injury. Because swimmers use repetitive motions, joints can become stressed, which could ultimately lead to injury.

The type of injury a swimmer is most prone to depends on the stroke he or she uses most frequently. Common swimming injuries affect the shoulders, knees, hips and back, with the shoulder being the most commonly-affected area. The shoulder undergoes a wide range of motion when swimming and is primarily held in place by tendons and ligaments. Stress, wear and inflammation of tendons and ligaments is not uncommon after repeated use.

Though swimming injuries are possible, they are also preventable. Whether you are recovering from an injury or trying to prevent a new one, follow these tips for safe swimming.

  • Always use proper stroke technique, as poor form is the leading cause of swim-related injuries.
  • If a specific stroke is causing you pain, use it as little as possible until the pain lessens.
  • Don’t push yourself if you are suffering. Take a break from swimming if needed in order to recover.
  • Seek chiropractic treatment sooner rather than later.
  • If you have a trainer, talk to him/her when any issues arise.

Swimmers with or without injuries can benefit from chiropractic treatment. A chiropractor can determine what parts of your body are under the most stress as well as make recommendations regarding balance, posture, movement and diet.

A chiropractor can attend to injuries as soon as they occur and start necessary treatments immediately. In addition to adjustments, treatment could include recommendations about stretching, how much time you should take off from swimming and what type of physical therapy could benefit you the most.

At Advantage Chiropractic Clinic in Auburn, we can provide all of this and more for swimmers looking to treat or prevent injuries. Give us a call today at 334-821-2552 to schedule an appointment! #Swimming #Chiropractic #AdvantageChiropracticClinic




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