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The Benefits of Chiropractic at Every Stage of Pregnancy

We believe that conventional prenatal care is a little lackluster as far as what is offered to women. Women may hear from their doctor, “Oh, you want to get pregnant? Just come off your birth control.”

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Optimizing Health Before Conception

At Advantage Chiropractic Clinic, we provide functional medicine to help women get their body in optimal position to conceive. To do that, we do some blood testing. In particular, there’s a lot of evidence as to the importance of the mother’s vitamin D levels before conception. We also want to ensure that nutrition is where it needs to be. It’s vital that women are as healthy as they can be to conceive.

Preconception Care

If you’re trying to conceive, we usually recommend blood testing three to six months before you’re trying to conceive. That way, we can start investigating. We then can determine what nutrients you may be missing.

We’re looking at the whole body and how it functions. For example, we consider thyroid health, nutritional levels and digestive issues. Our goal is to make the entire pregnancy as smooth a process as it can be. We care for women from preconception to conception through first, second, third trimester and postpartum.

Offering Customized Care

We offer patients various types of care based on their unique situation, even if it’s been different from pregnancy to pregnancy.

To customize care for each patient, we take a full approach. We look at blood testing, nutritional levels and dietary recommendations.

A Healthier Mom Equals a Healthier Pregnancy

For a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby, it’s vital that the mother is healthy. Naturally, getting proper nutrition and exercise are essential. It’s also important to receive chiropractic care. All of these factors can allow moms-to-be to attain the best possible health. A mom’s body needs to work optimally to be able to grow another human being.

Chiropractic care can help to keep a woman’s body aligned and free of stress. When that happens, she can enjoy the healthiest pregnancy possible.

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