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While chiropractors in the past have carried the stigma of not being “real” doctors, that has most likely come about as a result of the stereotypical, media-driven notion of a doctor being a surgeon, a drug prescriber or simply someone with a stethoscope and a white coat.

Comparing chiropractors and medical doctors is like comparing apples to oranges. Apples and oranges are both fruits, and doctors of chiropractic and medical doctors are both doctors because they have received a degree and are licensed to practice.

But besides that, medical doctors and doctors of chiropractors widely differ in their approaches.

While a medical doctor focuses on the disease, a chiropractor hones in on the person with the disease.

A chiropractor works to improve one’s nervous system to in turn help aid other ailments, while a medical doctor generally works by studying the blood.

Perhaps the biggest difference is the fact that a medical doctor employs surgical procedures and relies on drugs to treat symptoms while a chiropractor uses natural means to treat the overall problem.

Both medical doctors and doctors of chiropractic have their necessary roles; however, chiropractic treatment is especially effective for the purposes of helping with chronic aches and pains, restoration and overall wellness.

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