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Whether or not the source of chronic pain is known in a patient, its existence can come coupled with depression.

Depression is thought to be three to four times more common in people with chronic pain than the general population, and up to 80 percent of people with chronic pain will have some type of depression in their lifetimes.

Depression linked to chronic pain can be agitated by not only the fact that a person is experiencing pain, but also because they feel limited in their daily activities—from chores at home to tasks at work to recreational events.

Signs of chronic pain include pain beyond six months after an injury, pain from stimuli that are not normally painful, increased pain from stimuli that are normally painful or being overly sensitive to pain.

Signs of major clinical depression, which occur daily for at least two weeks, include an overriding feeling of sadness or hopelessness, changes in appetite or sleep patterns, poor concentration or memory, loss of interest in usual activities and/or feeling restless or fatigued.

When combined, these two make each individual problem worse with the existence of the other. However, there are steps you can follow to improve your situation.

  • Stay active and do not necessarily avoid activities that cause pain altogether. Consult with your doctor the difference between activities that you should and should not be doing.
  • Relaxation training and cognitive therapy can help with chronic pain and depression, respectively.
  • Distract yourself from chronic pain by focusing on images or thoughts that you associate with comfort.
  • Rely on friends or family for support.

Our doctors at Advantage Chiropractic Clinic are also here to help. We can discuss these and other techniques with you that can help you in dealing with chronic pain and depression using natural methods.

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