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The Pain that Moms Don't Talk About

Blog.mombackpainMoms – you’re tough. From childbirth to the bumps and scratches that appear from chasing the kids, moms are all too familiar with pains that come with their little bundles of joy. Moms are also notoriously not complainers (Reason #498 that we know moms are tough). If you’ve ever said any variation of “oh my back hurts, but that’s just from picking up the kids all day,” then this blog is for you.

Back pain could start out small, especially when your baby only weighs 7-10 pounds. In a year, your baby could very well be twice that weight, and two years after that, you’re lifting 30-40 pounds around 50 times per day. While this sounds like a recipe for pain, there are ways to alleviate that aching you feel in your back.

The first step is prevention. The same basic rule you apply at the gym or when moving boxes applies here – lift with your legs. When lifting your baby, make sure you’re squatting down and lifting with your legs instead of bending at the waist. When you squat, tighten your stomach muscles and keep your back straight. Your arms shouldn’t be very stretched out, but close to your body. This positioning alone will do wonders for your soreness.

As convenient as it can be, avoid carrying your child on your hip. This can overload the back muscles unevenly and cause pain, even if you don’t feel it immediately. Consider using a front pack to hold your baby when you’re walking. This will help to balance some of that weight and strengthen your back muscles.

Finally, come see your chiropractor at Advantage Chiropractic Clinic. We know – you’re “used to the pain.” We also know you’re busy. There’s nothing like a life without pain, especially when it allows you to do more activities with the child you love. Being tough may be admirable, but making memories with your children is unmatched.

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