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When people think about X-rays, they most commonly associate their use with detecting broken/fractured bones.

However, checking for broken bones is not the only instance in which radiographs (the picture made by use of X-rays) are helpful.

An X-ray is a type electromagnetic wave that can create pictures of the inside of your body.

In addition to fractures, chiropractors use these images to get a three-dimensional picture prior to giving adjustments. A radiograph gives chiropractors an indication of the general structure and condition of the spine and other joints of the body.

The radiograph can be used to detect small changes in your spine’s alignment. Chiropractors use radiographs to view the position of a patient’s bones to determine where the ligaments in the spinal column may have been stretched or torn and the extent of the damage done up to this point.

Because an adjustment involves correcting these mis-alignments, a radiograph is important to allow a chiropractor to know precisely where and how the adjustment should be made. If an initial adjustment is done correctly and precisely, it may minimize the need for further adjustments.

Radiographs can indicate spinal areas that are enduring stress and show where there is deteriorating change. Overall, this can give chiropractic physicians a better idea as to how to develop an effective treatment plan.

In addition, radiographs can spot infections and diseases like pneumonia or even cancer. An indication like this would prompt you to seek immediate emergency medical intervention, letting you and your chiropractor know that a spinal misalignment is not at the root of the problem so the appropriate referral can be made.

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