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While cardio-heavy exercises such as running may take an undesired toll on certain body types, yoga is universally a moderate way to work out and stretch the body. While promoting an essence of tranquility, yoga actually elevates heart rates in a non-impactful way, unlike the pounding of running on pavement.

Stretching is a much-needed activity that is absent from many people’s body-maintenance routines. When you get into a good stretching position through yoga, antagonistic muscles work to stabilize you while simultaneously improving strength. For this reason, yoga is especially beneficial for people who are new to exercise.

Yoga is a way to practice elevating your heart rate and breathing without causing injury. A majority of all people who start a new exercise program will quit due to injury caused by that exercise. If you start running regularly with little experience, you may fall into that percentage, causing you to quit the activity completely.

Though yoga is a good way to introduce exercise to your body without causing too much injury, it is important to discover your personal limits and proceed at your own pace. There are all types of beginner yoga classes that start out with a focus on the basics.

Do not join a level two class and injure yourself because you lack experience. Introduce yourself to yoga through a beginner class so you will start at the skill level that is best for your body.

Try yoga to experience a gentle means of exercise that still yields positive health benefits.


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