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6 Common Causes of Lower Back Pain

common causes of back painOw! One second, you’re taking a box of pasta off the shelf, and the next, you feel a sharp twinge. Back pain is never shy about showing up—no matter how unwelcome it is. Ever wonder what may have brought it on? You may have experienced one of these common causes of lower back pain.


Did you forget to lift with your legs, not your back? Do you have an active job filled with physical labor? Or did you get injured in a game?

All kinds of injuries—from sprains to disk problems—can result in back pain. That’s why you should always rest up and follow your doctor’s orders, so you can heal properly.

Mental health conditions

It’s true—your mental health can impact your whole body. Not only can depression or anxiety impact your mood, but they also affect your digestive system and your nerves.

If you’ve undergone stress, you may notice that your body has reacted physically. Remember to take good care of yourself during hard times. From talking to loved ones, to doing something you enjoy, to practicing mindfulness techniques, you can find the path to wellness.


How unfair is that? Getting older shouldn’t be one of the common causes of lower back pain—but it is. You can help yourself by staying active, eating right, and not overexerting yourself.

A sedentary lifestyle

Speaking of staying active—it can prevent back pain. Those who sit on the couch over the weekend and work in an office all day without taking breaks aren’t moving their bodies, which can lead to joint issues, poor cardiovascular health, and yes, back pain.

The best way to stay active? Find something you enjoy! That way, it won’t feel like a chore. From swimming, to yoga, to even dancing, you have a variety of options.

Physical health conditions

Certain health conditions can cause back pain. Specific kinds of arthritis, scoliosis, or spinal injuries are just a few of the diagnoses that come part and parcel with lower back pain.

Monthly cycles

Many people don’t know this, but those experiencing period cramps are actually feeling mini contractions. Yes, like the ones in childbirth! That can cause mild to significant lower back pain.

However, you can alleviate it with a hot water bottle, by taking ibuprofen or acetaminophen, and staying hydrated.


It’s hard to go through life pain-free. In fact, eventually, at least one of these common causes of lower back pain will apply to us all. However, by taking proper precautions and looking after your health, you can potentially reduce the impact.

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