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Blood Circulation and Chiropractic Care: How They're Connected

blood circulation and chiropractic care

People of any age can experience the discomfort of poor circulation. Still, you don’t have to accept that fate—not when you have help! Blood circulation and chiropractic care actually share an important connection.

Reasons people have poor circulation

Sometimes, we can do our part to ease poor circulation. Other times, a fix may be harder to find. The reasons why people have poor circulation vary, but they include:

  • Obesity;
  • Smoking;
  • Getting older;
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis, or DVT;
  • Past injuries;
  • A sedentary lifestyle;
  • Diabetes;
  • Hardened arteries;
  • And more.

The effects of poor blood circulation

Have you ever wondered if you have poor blood circulation? If you’ve experienced these symptoms, you may have poor blood circulation:

  • Leg pain;
  • Cold feet or hands;
  • A heavy feeling in your feet or legs;
  • Swelling in your veins, feet, or legs;
  • A numb or restless sensation;
  • And more.

How to treat poor circulation

Poor circulation doesn’t just cause discomfort. It can also become dangerous, slowing the healing process or forming ulcers. However, you can reduce its effects with the following methods:

  • Wearing compression socks;
  • Exercising routinely;
  • Keeping a healthy body weight;
  • Not smoking;
  • Elevating your feet; and
  • Visiting your chiropractor.

The connection between blood circulation and chiropractic care

Visiting your chiropractor can bring life-changing benefits. They include reducing pain, improving your bone health, and yes—encouraging better circulation.

Essentially, the connection between blood circulation and chiropractic care rests in your joints and spine. When your chiropractor adjusts them, he or she alleviates pressure in that area. That way, your blood can flow with less difficulty, therefore improving your circulation.


Have you found it hard to sleep due to heavy, uncomfortably numb legs? Do you frequently feel cold? Or have you noticed swelling in your veins, feet, or legs? Your body may be telling you something crucial. So, now that you know blood circulation and chiropractic care are connected, contact us here. Finally, you can also learn all about the advantages of our services when you read our blog!

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