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4 Ways Chiropractic Care Can Improve Your Sleep

Ways Chiropractic Care Can Improve Your Sleep

You’ve tried counting sheep. And listening to rain sounds. Not to mention you’ve sprayed lavender sleep oil all over your pillow. Yet, you still can’t venture into dreamland! Anyone who’s dealt with insomnia knows how frustrating it feels. Well, we’re happy to say that we may be able to help. Check out some of the ways chiropractic care can impact your sleep.

Relaxes your muscles.

Have you been dealing with nonstop tension in your muscles? If the answer is yes, then you may not be able to sit down calmly—much less fall asleep.

Chiropractic care can change that! It can relax your muscles, so that your body and mind aren’t on constant high alert.

Reduces your pain.

Falling asleep can be hard enough. Add pain into the equation, and a good night’s rest may seem impossible.

Before you despair, know that decreasing your pain is one of the ways chiropractic care can improve your sleep.

Gives you resources and techniques.

Your chiropractor wants to help! So, come with questions. From the right sleeping positions, to the ideal pillows, to ways to relax your body, your chiropractor can teach you about useful resources and techniques.

Can improve sleep hygiene.

No, this doesn’t mean not taking a shower before bed! Sleep hygiene is essentially the mindful routine you perform as you prepare for bedtime. When implemented properly, it can signal to your body that it’s time to sleep.

As an example, your sleep hygiene routine may go like this:

  1. Doing stretches recommended by your chiropractor;
  2. Picking out clothes for tomorrow;
  3. Putting on lotion;
  4. Brushing your teeth; and
  5. Playing white noise.


A good night’s sleep can set the whole tone for the day. Not only does it help you recharge, but it also helps your brain process the previous day via dreams. If you need a revamp to your nightly schedule, we may be able to assist you. After all, there are several ways chiropractic care can improve your sleep.

Contact us here to book your appointment. While you wait to see us, you can also read through our blog for more tips and ideas!

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