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7 Things to Ask During Your Chiropractor Appointment

6-12-21_7_Things_to_Ask_1At Advantage Chiropractic Clinic, we want you to get the most out of your visit. Both newcomers and old pros alike might have trouble verbalizing their questions. So, we’ve decided to make your session easier! You can use this list of things to ask during your chiropractor appointment as a resource.

Where do I find references?

You’ve likely read reviews, which can give you a general sense of what we provide. If you still need convincing, review our website for credentials and education. That way, you have a concrete idea of what visiting us will look like.

Can you deal with…?

From car accident injuries, to pregnancy, to hypertension, each patient expresses different needs. You’ll want to find a chiropractor that can properly help you. Always ask to ensure that your chiropractor has the experience and knowledge to assist.

Do you recommend that I make any adjustments to my daily life?

Subpar work-from-home desks. Improper screen use. Eating the wrong foods. Sometimes, we accidentally make our own lives harder. Our chiropractors can offer advice to alleviate those concerns.

How can I prevent injuries, refrain from exacerbating my pain, or alleviate my pain?

We take a holistic approach at Advantage Chiropractic Clinic. That means addressing the root cause of your issues. Feel free to ask us for tips on alleviating your pain, preventing injuries, and refraining from worsening your state.

Can I have a copy of…?

Sometimes, we just plain forget things. This happens to us all! Don’t shy away from asking for a copy of our educational materials or other information.

How many appointments will I need to attend to see results?

Your time is important to us! Our patients are welcome to ask how many appointments we recommend for them. Chiropractic patients may not see results immediately, however 93% of our patients report improvement. Ask us for a general time frame, so you know what to expect. It’s possible that your chiropractor may not know the exact timeline. If that happens, we can explain how we will reassess your needs over time.

What happens if I feel poorly or get hurt between appointments?

Pain doesn’t schedule itself in the calendar. You deserve peace of mind between appointments. Make sure to ask what procedures may be helpful in an emergency.


Chiropractors have offered their services for more than a century. Still, you may have a few queries on your mind! Your experience matters deeply to us. If you have trouble figuring out what questions to pose, you can use this list of things to ask during your chiropractor appointment as a resource. And if you have any additional inquiries, let us know! Our patients are always the priority at Advantage Chiropractic Clinic.

Ready for your adjustment? Make an appointment online. You can also learn more about chiropractic care on our blog here!


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